Tobey Crockett PhD

I am teacher and writer working on a trilogy about mermaids, selkies and shapeshifters living on the Central Coast.  You can work with a me a few ways:
  • I  work privately with a few writers. I also provide copywriting/editing services for business projects.  
  • I also act as an advisor for those seeking a breakthrough in their lives and work, and offer very limited private sessions for those who need some guidance. I currently have an available slot for one additional client.
  • I have some writings on The Big Questions now available online and you can explore those and join us in an intimate study group, the Morro Bay Metaphysicians.  Here are the upcoming schedules for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017
  • I also do very occasional readings with an oracle deck of my own design, the White Heart Deck. Those readings are available at the Halcyon Store & Post Office, by private appointment, or remotely. I also offer gift certificates.
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private appointments available

Far away?  Long distance consultations via Skype: tobey.crockett
805 225 1083 or