Tobey Crockett PhD

I act as a mentor to guide people who seek a breakthrough in their lives, whether that be in the realm of the romantic, career, life path, self-expression, questions about location or all of the above. I empower you to hone your focus, gain clarity about your vision and purpose, and identify the tools you can best use to advance in your highest and best directions.

I have mentored hundreds of individuals through crisis, opportunity and reinvention, and I have a unique combination of intuition, pragmatism, honesty and tenderness to assist those who seek support, encouragement and fresh insight on their journey. Sometimes I work with clients in pragmatic business ways, and sometimes I guide them to shape and edit a manuscript, but more and more often I use a variety of tools to mentor people to reach their desired goals in life.
You can work with a me a few ways:

  • I offer limited private sessions for those who seek mentoring. See my new summer special monthly mentoring package
  • I  work privately with a few writers on a case by case basis. 
  • I provide copywriting/editing services for business projects.  
  • I lead an intimate study group, the Morro Bay Metaphysicians. See topics for Spring 2017 
  • I also do spiritual readings with an oracle deck of my own design, the White Heart Deck. Those readings are available by private appointment, in person or remotely. I also offer gift certificates. See my store on Etsy
  • Find daily uplifting news stories at my Facebook group Yes To Positive Social Change Now
Coming soon: summer offerings including a Monthly Moon Circle, and two workshops on Letting Your Voice Be Heard (empowerment, self confidence and asking for what you want) and another on Empaths As Wise Self-Defenders (tools for keeping your intuition flowing while having good boundaries). See Tobey Teaches and be sure to sign up for my newsletter below.

My rates and testimonials.

private appointments available

Far away?  Long distance consultations via Skype: tobey.crockett
805 225 1083 or