Tobey Crockett PhD  Change Agent

I am an artist, writer, teacher and activist. In 2018, I am launching a new project about "natural capital," a proposal to help transform the world in a peaceful, green revolution that transitions us away from an extractive economy to the emerging restoration economy of global stewardship. More details in the spring of 2018.

I also act as a mentor to guide people who seek a breakthrough in their lives.

I have mentored hundreds of individuals through crisis, opportunity and reinvention, and I have a unique combination of intuition, pragmatism, honesty and tenderness to assist those who seek support, encouragement and fresh insight on their journey.

Sometimes I work with clients in pragmatic business ways, and sometimes I guide them to shape and edit a manuscript, but more and more often I use a variety of tools to mentor people to reach their desired goals in life.
You can work with a me a few ways:
  • I offer limited private sessions for those who seek mentoring and/or help with writing
  • I provide copywriting/editing services for business projects.  
  • Find daily uplifting news stories at my Facebook group 
  • I lead an intimate study group in a chapel, the Morro Bay Metaphysicians. See topics for Spring 2018
  • I lead a Spiritual Sisterhood Support Circle that meets long distance, twice a month on Mondays 
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Art News

I had a one person painting exhibition in the month of August at Bru in Atascadero. You can see the trailer I created above - I used vintage and public domain footage and found a great surf track to accompany the images of my paintings and the sort of people and places that inspire these surf pictures of mine. I hope to do more in the future and would love to include more paintings that speak to the history of surf culture and its origins.

Find the press release and price list here. Read more about the video here.

I am scheduled for another show at Bru in October 2018. The theme is Faeries.

Publishing News

I have recently published The Ghost Show: A Trio of Wonder Tales,  a mini-collection of short stories for Kindle (a paperback edition will come out soon). These magical tales include Matilda By Moonlight, Break On Through (To The Other Side) and The Day Jimi Hendrix Died. A bonus paperback version also includes a fourth story, Hard Candy, Soft Centers, which appears in The Forsaken anthology ereader mentioned below. 

I recently won first place for my poem “Venus On The Half Shell” in the Morro Bay National Estuary Poetry competition. (Scroll down a ways)

I have a short story, "Hard Candy, Soft Centers," published in the new anthology The Forsaken, edited by Onspaugh and Joe McKinney, from publisher Cemetery Dance. 

My student Supriti Sisquoc Anwa recently passed away but we have been able to publish her moving memoir, Names and Voices -- A Life Reclaimed under the aegis of High Tide, a subdivision of our new Dark Ride Media venture.