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It's time to reveal your "writer's gold" - share your story and create connection with your authenticity, truth and honesty.  Whether you are already writing yourself or want to learn how to share your story so you can reach new clients and new audiences, you have come to the right place.

I help people of all kinds to tell their stories, whether those are personal memoirs that recount every bump in the road or your business successes and triumphs over adversity that make you and your brand the amazing inspiration that you are today - everyone has a story to share.  And in this day of incredible media access and transparency, there has never been a better to time to share.

Please see my various services as a writer, teacher, consultant and coach.  A half hour creative consultation is $97.  Let's schedule a meeting and see how we can help you shine your brightest!

Recent Book News:


 December 2013

I just recently published my own short story The Day Jimi Hendrix Died - it's available on Amazon.  Set in the hills surrounding New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee, this poignantly hilarious coming of age story documents the growing pains of a young girl as she wrestles with the nature of love, betrayal and exile in the summer of 1970.

I am currently at work as editor and book designer on a series of books from Mark Onspaugh.  The first release, Christmas Ghost Stories: a collection of Winter Tales, has so far surpassed our expectations for sales with very limited advanced publicity.   Dark Valentines is also available, with the science fiction collection Tales From Tomorrow in production now. A Mayhem of Monsters and Z Is For Zombie will be released in 2013, under the imprint in formation Dark Ride Press.

Here is the creepy/sweet Dark Valentines Book Trailer which I produced:

For more info, please contact me or Mark  

I am also working with several clients to edit, format and produce their short stories and novels on Kindle.  I seem to have attracted some very intense, manly writers who are working the sharp edges of life under the relentless California sun.  Good reads!

First up is Moviola by Dennis Copelan from his series Welcome To Hollyweird.  Stay tuned for more of these noire-ish gems set in the entertainment capital of the world.  Moviola sizzles with psychological and erotic tension. In 1958, during a brutal heat wave, Nick Hunt, a jealous Hollywood film editor with a history of mental illness discovers evidence that his wife is having an affair. As the temperature soars, more and more of his world seems to spin out of control - can he restore order to these precious fragments of his life?

I am also working with Wally Runnels, a strong writer who has created a gritty authentic world set on the Mexicali border, populated with a memorable cast of complex characters.  First up is Heavenly Pain in which Hector Rosales wrestles an unlikely angel for his mother's affection in a tale of sin, lust and redemption set in the borderlands of East San Diego county. Can Hector's brand of hard driving, bloodcurdling mayhem restore order to the world as he knows it or will divine forces lead him onto a path that he finds even more frightening?

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