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2010 Highlights:

Mayan New Year February 2010

February - I was privileged to be a part of a group of North County women who attended a Waqxaqui (8) B'atz Mayan Spiritual Renewal Ceremony sponsored by TJU-EPU and led by Mayan spiritual leader Tata OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez.  Music and dancing was led by Ernesto Olmos and his beautiful calpulli of dedicated celebrants.  See a video of him here.

Under a gorgeous stand of giant redwood trees, we celebrated with two nights of special fires and drumming, dancing, prayers and teachings that were heartfelt and incomparably inspiring.

The day of Waqxaqui (8) B'atz in the Mayan Calendar is celebrated by millions of the Maya throughout Guatemala and Central America as the day of Spiritual Renewal, when another 260-day cycle of Life is completed. The energy of B'atz is that of the threads of life, the cords of energy that flow from our umbilical cords and connect us to all of our past and future generations.
It is a powerful time to weave ourselves together in councils and ceremonies around the sacred fire. By joining together around the Grandfather Fire, we weave our thoughts, prayers, intentions, and actions together for a better future amidst the great challenges we are facing. 


Mexica New Year March 2010
Mexico New Year's events take place annually in March in San Jose; it is the largest such gathering in the US.  This year's celebration included maestros, elders and over 400 dancers from Mexico, Oaxaca, Zuni land, Hopi land, the Aloni and many more.  Just gorgeous.  


San Jose 2010: Doe Star, Hua, White Heart & Bridgeweaver      plus Yellow Wolf 

May 2010  Vision Quest was an amazing & transformative event.  I committed to doing a four year cycle for my community.

September 2010
It's beginning to Look a lot like Long Dance!  This Labor Day face painting was courtesy of Monica!


20th Anniversary of Long Dance  September 23-26th

This was just a beautiful event this year, despite record temperatures and the challenges of hosting 125 people at a remote location.  The Long Dance is sponsored by another non proft with which I have worked closely this year: the
Circles of Empowerment.  The term Long Dance means just that: a long dance lasting from sunset to sunrise.  It is a traditional Native American ceremony practiced for millenia by indigenous peoples in the Americas.  Many cultures around the world celebrate in a sacred way by holding a special annual ceremony that honors the Earth Mother, the living systems of Nature and the wonders of being a spiritual being on a human journey. 

This particular annual Long Dance is now in its 20th year.  It is danced by women only, although men do participate as members of the
Thunder Lodge, our brothers who honor us by holding our sacred space and safeguarding our journey.  We are deeply grateful for the Thunder Lodge's support of our spiritual work. 

In our beautiful Central Coast of California, we are privileged to reside on some of the most beautiful and blessed places on this Turtle Island (aka North America).  The West Coast here shelters the Western Gate, a sacred denomination of this area which we honor with our prayers, mindfulness and our women's hearts, every year at Long Dance.

The intention of this Long Dance is to gather within our gender, to reconnect with our Earth Mother, to support the healing of wounds, to provide the chance to undertake a re-dreaming of one's life, to celebrate our warrior/wild woman/Artemis aspect, and to have permission to be fierce in our personal process.  It is a transformational event for everyone who comes.

For more information, please see the website   Please join us!  You can download registration forms there too.  I am also the lead of the Kachina Society so feel free to contact me in this regard.  

Saturday September 18th in Cambria

I was again featured as a peace speaker at a Creativity Club event at our 2nd annual Peace Thru Art event at the Joslyn Recreation Center - Main Hall in Cambria. The seminar style roundtable discussion with about a dozen participants went very well.  We were able to offer three rounds of comments about the tools we need and the challenges we face when it comes to peace in our own lives and at home.  Everyone left feeling encouraged to use their own voice in the service of peace building.  I thank all out guests for a great session.  read more


Wednesday October 20th, 10:30 -12:30 pm in SLO

My husband 
Mark Onspaugh and I were honored to be featured guests in a conversation sponsored by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the Cal Poly Kennedy Library.

Event Description: Mark Onspaugh and Tobey Crockett are rather rare resources in our county: experienced and witty writers doing off-beat work.  Married for nearly ten years, they have both been professional writers for over twenty years.  Mark writes screen plays and novels in a variety of genres and has over 30 published short stories to his credit.  Tobey is a former art critic with over 100 essays, reviews and chapters published nationally and internationally to her credit and she is now undertaking the turn to a memoir.  The two of them are living the life of choice of thousands of aspiring writers, and are full of stories of why and how they do this work, and what it is like to build recognition while waiting for the financial rewards of the "overnight success that took 25 years to happen". Hear what they have to say to aspiring writers and artists who have come from other careers.  Laugh at the insights and tales of the life of the free-lance writer. Come away refilled and delighted at the wisdom of these two.