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I teach a movement class called 
Crazy Wisdom which fosters intimacy and connection within groups, because sometimes we truly need more than mere conversation about making connections - we actually need to connect! Crazy Wisdom facilitates that connection making practice in a safe and fun environment of play and mutual appreciation.

In 2010, I finished work on several non-profit sites that are dear to my heart.  The first two are part of the native american based spiritual community of which I am a very active member, the Circles of Empowerment.  We host ceremonies throughout the year - events that are non-denominational and open to those seeking a safe place for spiritual expression.  We have an annual Long Dance and a new Spirit Dance for men, women & families coming in the Spring of 2011, and we facilitate Vision Quests, Sweat Lodges, Full Moon ceremony and much more.

I also worked on a site about the water issues of Cambria and the North County.  Please educate yourself further on how the planned drilling of test wells and the preparation for a full scale desalination plant are being done without proper conduct in the dear town in which we lived for the first four years we were in SLO County.  Someone is going to get a Pulitzer prize for telling this story in all the sordid detail!



Writing on Spirituality, Creativity and Gardening

Building Value Into the Life of Our Dreams at the Central Coast Women's Network blog

Cookin' Up Peace and Creativity in Cambria  September 2009

Long Dance: Highlight of the Spiritual Calendar 
September 2009

A Strong Woman: Hua Anwa for the Women's Press in SLO County

Opening Up Both Sides of the Brain with Dr Lucia Capacchione - I speak with world famous author and expressive art therapist Dr. Lucia Capacchione on right brain/left brain integration.

Interview with a Guatemalan Shaman - Tata Erick Gonzalez for the Greenstein Institute

Parts 1-4:
Intro, Wisdom & Stewardship of Indigenous Elders, The Medicine Wheel,
Natural Cycles of Life
Here are some of my blog articles about my new vegetable garden in Los Osos, written for the Green Body Project hosted by the Greenstein Institute

Of Frost and Flowers - Kitchen Notes on Home Gardening
   The successful and happy kitchen is managed by realpolitik, the productive marriages of old cheese, stale bread and succulent new fruits from the vine. There is a role for the slightly over ripe, the crusty, the hardened hunk of former glory.

More on Frost and Flowers – Growing Your Own Vegetables
   …when you grow your own foods, the world changes shape before your very eyes. Everything becomes more tightly interwoven, and natural processes seem more miraculous. 

How Growing Tomatoes Made Me a Better Person
    One of the hardest lessons for me personally to learn on this human journey has been that the steady application of effort on a daily basis does in fact yield long term results. I am bad at forming good habits. 

Cooking up Community by Planting a Garden in Your Heart
   I love the way that my simple quest for a home grown tomato has brought me deeper and deeper into the realm of culinary arts that are part of our national heritage. If we all could live just a bit closer to the land and attune ourselves to the cycles of life and nature, I think we would be better off as a society.

Seed Saving: My Sweet Peas Teach Me About Life
   At a recent party a guest, who is herself a master gardener, was admiring my heirloom sweet peas which have an unusual and lovely scent.